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Latest News

February 2007:
We're still working on a new version of Just1Key and helping with a full-fledged version of Slyfile, but unfortunately it's taking far longer than originally anticipated.
Click Here to read the latest situation.

June 2006:
Our new partner company, Slyfile Corporation, has just announced the Slyfile application in Alpha testing form. It enables users to backup or share files securely, and utilizes solid encryption for unmatched privacy. It's free, works on all modern operating systems, and we recommend trying Slyfile out!

January 2006:
We've expanded our development staff this month, and are beginning collaboration on a fabulous new security product that allows high-speed encrypted file-sharing for both individuals and companies.

September 2005:
The first major article about Just1Key is published, by We'd like to thank the editors, and especially the reporter Ryan Singel for telling the world about our very helpful password solution! You can also read Ryan's recent articles here.

August 2005:
Our Press Release goes out, August 1st, to announce Just1Key Mobile, now the world's most compatible Secure Password Manager!

July 2005:
We have released Just1Key Mobile as scheduled, just before the end of the month. With the addition of this exciting new product version, we have changed the name of our original 'Just1Key Web' (Version 1.03) to 'Just1Key Ultra-Secure Version 1.1', which has a couple small feature additions. The rollout of Just1Key Mobile also signifies "Stage One" of the new 1.4 Server System, giving our users exceptional reliability even beyond our current 99.9% uptime.

May 2005:
Work is still in progress on the Version 1.4 geographically redundant server system. In the meantime, we've expanded the capacity of our current server system, which should allow for new Premium account creations until Version 1.4 is in place.

March 2005:
Released a minor Just1Key upgrade, version 1.03, with a sort button (our most requested feature!)

February 2005:
In order to expand our user capacity and speed of the Just1KeyTM system, we are beginning the creation of enhanced back-end server code. We have therefore also discontinued support for the free Installable client program (v.1.02) to help smooth the transition to the new Just1Key "Version 1.4" system. All current Premium users will have (as always) full support, and should experience zero downtime during this system upgrade.

August 2004:
Microsoft has just fixed their Java system within I.E. Many users who installed all the latest WinXP patches and updates over the past two months were having problems with the free Installable Just1Key client v1.02 (the Premium Just1Key system has not had any problems). As of this month, if one installs all the latest (cumulative) critical Microsoft updates, things should work correctly again.

February 2004:
Our first Press Release, announcing the new Just1KeyTM version 1.02.

November 2003: For notification of new versions of Just1Key, subscribe to our 'New Release Available' mailing list by sending a blank email to:

August 2003:
We have launched the Crimsonata Reseller Network for companies and individuals that would like to partner with us. Then in September we unveiled the 'Spread the Word' Referral Program for Just1KeyTM, which offers Premium enticements for all our users.

July 2003:
We released Just1KeyTM ahead of schedule, including a new look for our corporate website.

April 2003:
Additional corporate financing secured, with focus being directed towards creating a new and exciting product, Just1KeyTM

December 2002:
Alliance created with Hush Communications Corporation, to provide the Human AuthenticatorTM ; an integrated anti-spam solution for Now users of the "worlds first secure web-based email system with end-to-end encryption" will enjoy cutting-edge spam elimination as well.


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