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February 2008 News

We have a new page for our latest news in 2008 -- click here to get to it.

Below is our older 2007 update, just for reference...

Just1Key Latest News, February 2007

1. Security Advisory for Premium Users
2. No New Premium Accounts for Now
3. Free Time for Prior Premium Account Holders
4. Our SSL Certificates and Warnings

1. Security Advisory for Premium Users

With the release of IE 7, we've discovered a new security error for users of Just1Key Ultra-Secure. However, the fix is simple: Always make sure to close your web-browser window when you finish your J1K session.

Since new web-browser versions are coming out all the time, we highly recommend ALL Just1Key users close their web-browsers after logging out of J1K, regardless of whether using J1K Ultra-Secure or J1K Mobile. It is not required that you close the program itself (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.), it's only important to just close the particular window (or tab) that displayed J1K.

Please note that if you do NOT follow the recommended fix above, your Just1Key security is only potentially vulnerable if someone else has full access to your local computer. So, it's especially important to follow the fix if you use a publicly available computer, or if someone else has access to your home or work computer. Later this year we plan to release stand-alone Installable Clients for all major Operating Systems, which of course won't have this problem.

2. No New Premium Accounts for Now

As of the moment, we are not accepting any new users for Premium account signup. This will of course change sometime later in 2007. What we're waiting on is two-fold: First, the finishing of, and second, a new version of Just1Key with more features, with an easier-to-use and robust billing system.

When we are again accepting new Premium users, we'll email everyone on the "J1K New Release" mailing list. You can learn more on how to sign up or remove yourself from our list Here.

3. Free Time for Prior Premium Account Holders

All current Just1Key Premium users will have complementary free time added to their subscription account, beginning January 1st, 2007. This free time will extend and continue until we have released a new, upgraded version of Just1Key, later in 2007. So, if your account is up for renewal (or is over-due), you need not worry about it. Your account will remain in good standing, with its exceptional reliability as always, until we contact you at a later date and let you know that the new system has been released.

Since we have been rather slow in upgrading the current application, it's our way of saying "Thanks for hanging in there with us!" until we've added some great new features that we've all been anticipating -- such as Folders, Importing/Exporting of data, and more.

Although our best estimate of when the next Just1Key version will be released is in Q2 2007, it is only an estimate, and we won't have any definitive dates until we're closer to completion.

As some of our current Premium users already know, a major delay in expanding the Just1Key system has been because of our decision in early 2006 to help our partners create, a unique and totally secure way to backup or share any file, including a user's entire hard-drive. We hope that when it's released, you'll agree with us that our small company made the right decision in helping create it!

4. Our SSL Certificates and Warnings

Some J1K users may have noticed that the SSL Java Signing Certificate for Just1Key Ultra-Secure expired in 2006. However, many users will likely not see any warnings if J1K was used on a machine prior to the SSL's expiration date, which is fine. Also, our Website SSL Certificates for J1K Ultra-Secure and J1K Mobile ( and , respectively) have NOT expired, and are both valid until July 2007.

We have opted not to re-sign the Just1Key Ultra-Secure Java Code at this time, and will instead focus on the next J1K version release instead. Please realize that using this older Java Signing SSL Certificate does NOT affect Just1Key's Security in any way whatsoever, and likely you'll only see a "time expired" warning if using a computer you've never loaded Just1Key Ultra-Secure with before. As long as any SSL warning you see while using J1K is a "time expired" warning only, simply click "Yes" (or "Accept" or "Trust", depending on your browser), and continue using it as you do normally.


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