Just1Key Expands to Mobile Devices, Enabling Permanent Freedom From Internet Passwords

AUSTIN, Texas, August 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Crimsonata Corporation has just released a truly unique software system, Just1Key Mobile, which unburdens users from having to remember various usernames, passwords, and other personally sensitive information when browsing the web. The system is unlike any other offered today, as it has unmatched convenience and compatibility while still utilizing encryption security that is on par with the best security applications in the industry. It works with any web-browser that is SSL-enabled (Secure Sockets Layer), meaning compatibility with most PDA's, many mobile phones, and every major computer Operating System released in the past decade.

Cliff Crimson, CEO of Crimsonata Corporation, had this to say: "There are hundreds of millions of Internet users with the same problem -- too many passwords. We are the only company on the planet to offer a software solution that pairs real security with access-anywhere convenience -- even from your mobile phone or PDA."

Users of need now only remember just one personal "Passphrase Key" -- which is simply a "unique phrase" created by the user that nobody else could guess. With it, users can get to all of their sensitive Internet account information and more, from anywhere. Although has been offered since 2003, it has now expanded into the realm of mobile devices. Given the company's geographically redundant servers in multiple countries, and quadruple backup system, the robustness of online user access is extreme.

The creation of Just1Key has been a collaboration between Crimsonata Corporation and Hush Communications, the providers of -- the Internet's most secure web-based email system which is both internationally and industry-respected. "By using our patented Hush Encryption Engine(TM), Just1Key offers the highest level of security in a web-based service," said Brian Smith, CTO of Hush Communications. "Even if data was taken from the servers, without the user's personal passphrase it would be inaccessible."

The compatibility of the Just1Key system is unparalleled, and using the system allows one or more specific features beyond all other current methods of managing passwords and account information. A free demonstration account can be accessed without signing up for anything, at .

About Crimsonata Corporation:
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Crimsonata Corporation is dedicated to providing secure Internet software for everyday users and businesses alike, and is currently pursuing solid corporate partnerships.

Cliff Crimson, CEO
Crimsonata Corporation