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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple, and focused on keeping your information private.

We do not sell any collected information, to anybody, ever, without your permission.

If you're viewing one of our websites, our web server software collects basic computer information, such as the type of browser you're using, and is commonplace everywhere on the web. We only use this as statistics for our internal use, to do such things as see how many people are viewing our website and what percentage use a certain web browser.

If you're a Premium Customer, the data you entered when signing up on our secure-SSL page is kept private and never shared without your permission, with only two exceptions:

  • 1) We have to give your basic billing information to our billing processor (PayPal) in order to charge you for your Premium account, or
  • 2) If we're compelled by a court order (law enforcement) to hand over the data.

And remember, all the data you enter within the Just1Key application is encrypted, and only accessible with your personal Passphrase -- meaning even we can not access your private data, nor can anyone else, as long as you've chosen a good Passphrase that is impossible to guess and it's been kept safe.


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