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Reseller Examples

Once you have Signed Up as a Crimsonata Reseller, you will have a distinct Reseller Codename of your choice (3 to 8 alpha-numeric characters). Using this Codename (also called a 'Bonus Code'), here's a list of many simple examples showing how easy it is to implement all three elemental ways to make referral commissions:

Direct Referrals

Whenever someone signs up as a Premium user on our website, there is a 'Referral Bonus Code:' entry field, which will automatically contain your distinct 3 to 8 character Reseller Codename if the user came via a link on your website.

What's really nice about the 'Bonus Code' is that the new Premium user will get an additional free month of service if they enter one. With this extra incentive you'll see more commissions from users you've actually referred, compared to most other Internet reseller programs!

As a basic example, lets assume you have a website, and on it you put our graphical ad link for a product. When a user clicks it, they will be taken to our product website, and your Reseller Codename will be stored as a 'cookie' within the user's web browser. Then, if the user desires to purchase a Premium account sometime in the future, the 'cookie' will enter your Referral Codename automatically in the 'Referral Bonus Code:' field on our signup form - you've just made another $7.50.

However, a few Internet users disable 'cookies' in their browser - with other reseller programs, you would have lost your commission! But with the Crimsonata Reseller Network, users have an *incentive* to enter your 'Bonus Code', so it's easy for them to look back at your webpage and get it - it's shown in text right below the graphic ad on your site.

Another example of why our Reseller Network is exceptional: You can use classical Print Advertising. By placing your 'Bonus Code' in any print ad, you can gain reseller commissions without even a webpage! A flyer posted in the Computer section of a local University Bulletin Board costs nothing, and many people will be happy to hear about free and useful downloadable software. Or, a small text ad in the Software section of a newspaper or magazine might costs less than $7.50, and can reach tens of thousands of readers. Your creativity is the only limit!

Business Referrals

The second of the three elemental ways to make commissions is to introduce other businesses to our products. We'll give you a 20% commission on each initial site-license purchase - all the purchasing business needs to do is tell us that you referred them, and it costs them nothing to do so (their site-license is the exact same price, whether referred or not).

It's just this simple: Send an email, or other communication, to those you know at any business that could use state-of-the art privacy software. If they ever sign up for a site-license and simply say that you referred them when we ask, your commission could be in the hundreds of dollars for that one sale -- or even thousands of dollars if the business has hundreds of employees. Not a bad return for sending the right email.

Referring New Resellers

This is where one can make potentially the most, and keep doing so forever: By introducing new people to the Crimsonata Reseller Network itself, you can make commissions of each Direct Referral that the new reseller themselves make.

For example, lets say you have an acquaintance (we'll call him 'John'), who runs a website with a significant amount of web traffic. If you introduce John to our Reseller Program, and he says you referred him when he signs up to it, you'll make commissions on all John's Direct Referral sales amounts, for as long as he does.

The commission amount is 10% normally, but if you yourself are a paying Premium user with any of Crimsonata's products, the commission amount is 20%. As the saying goes, it's best to promote products that you yourself actually use!

To continue our example: assuming your commission on John's Direct Referrals is 20%, if John's website generates 100 new full Premium users a month, he'll make $750 a month, and you'll make $150 a month too. Again, what's really great about this third element is that you can continue to make $150 a month, indefinitely, without ever doing anything more than initially referring John. This can really add up if you refer lots of new resellers, which is easier because the 'cookie' that stores your personal Reseller Codename will also automatically be shown when new Resellers sign up.


Why wait? Start making money and spreading excellent new software today! Please see our Complete Terms and Reseller FAQ for more details, and then just

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