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Resellers - Links To Use

Below are links you can choose from to put on your website.
Next to each is the raw HTML to copy and paste into your HTML web pages -- just change both places the word 'test' appears to your own Reseller Codename (the 3 to 8 character 'Bonus Code').

#1 - Rotating:
Use It Free!  Plus, Exceptional Premium Features
Bonus Code: test

#2 - Static:
Total Password
Use It Free!  Plus, Exceptional Premium Features
Bonus Code: test

#3 - Text: Just1Key - Password Manager
Free Download! Bonus Code: test

Directions to use:

First, make sure you have signed up to the Crimsonata Reseller Network. Then, choose which of the above advertising links you would like to use on your site.

Then copy the corresponding HTML 'snippit' above, and paste it into your webpage HTML wherever you feel it's displayed most appropriately. After you paste it in, you'll need to change the two occurences of the word 'test' to your own personal Reseller Codename (also called the Bonus Code).

For example, if your Reseller Codename is 'mycode', the Text ad link would read exactly:

(The exact same two parts of the other graphic ad links would change the same way, if you choose to use one of them instead.)

If for aesthetic reasons you wish to delete the 'Bonus Code: ...' text line (appearing below the graphical links), you can, although we don't recommend it. If you'd like to make any other modifications to the text, please make sure to email us at first so we can approve it or make suggestions.

Also, if you'd like to make the graphic links load just a little more quickly for your viewers, you can place the .gif graphic file on your own personal webserver rather than having it loaded from ours. Just right-click over the graphic, save it on your hard drive, and then transfer it to your webserver. You'll also need to modify the <img src="where-it-is" ... > HTML tag in our 'snippet' to point to where you put it on your webserver.

If you're unsure how to do any of these things, please ask the people who host (or designed) your website, as it's very elementary HTML and website basics, and they should be able to get you going in a matter of seconds. If after this you're still having problems, email us at and we'll try to get things sorted out for you!

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