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A while back we decided to temporarily disable our Referral and Affiliate programs, in order to complete a new automated database system for users of these programs. Prior to the release of the new system, you can still read below to see a general outline of how it will work...

Would you like to make money by simply introducing people to great Internet software? It's free to join, easy, reliable, and best of all you can be set up to make commissions in just a matter of minutes...

The Crimsonata Reseller Network works in these three elemental ways:
  • 1. Direct Referrals: We'll give you $7.50 for each new Premium user you refer. This works for Web traffic, print advertising, and word-of-mouth, so you don't even need a website to participate!
  • 2. Business Referrals: We'll give you a 20% commission for any larger "site-license" sold to a business that you refer (we have special pricing when purchasing over 10 Premium accounts).
  • 3. Referring New Resellers: By introducing new users to the Crimsonata Reseller Network, we'll give you a percentage of all the Direct Referral commissions that they ever generate. This way you can receive long-term commissions simply by telling others about this excellent Reseller Network.
You can use all three ways with all our software applications, plus your Reseller Account can be used in conjunction with our "Spread the Word" Program offered for particular software titles.
Please first see our Complete Reseller Terms and additional info below, and then you can

...and be ready to generate commissions instantly!

Additional information:
    Some Examples of how it works
    Banners and Links you can use
    Reseller FAQ
    Complete Reseller Terms for the Crimsonata Reseller Network

Any questions not answered in our documentation? Email us at

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